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A honeymoon is the perfect chance for the newlywed couple to spend time with each other, away from the stresses of everyday life.


But Kat and Steve Turner, have taken that idea and run with it - or ridden with it.


Rather than taking time out for some post-wedding luxuriating on a beach or at a spa hotel, the couple decided to spend two years in a record-breaking attempt to travel the world on a tandem bicycle, sleeping in a tiny two-man tent.


Incredibly, Kat, 31, had never even ridden a bike more than a few yards before they decided to take on the challenge, which they began in May this year.


The honeymoon represents an extraordinary and testing celebration of their wedding vows, which they made in August 2011 just eight months before they set off for Christchurch in New Zealand.


The intrepid couple gave up well-paid jobs as a teacher and caseworker for the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman before leaving their chickens and cat at their home in Forest Hill, south east London, with friends who will spend the next two years house-sitting.


Six months and almost 9,000km later they arrived in Darwin, on the northern tip of Australia, having braved arctic temperatures, snow, heavy rain and high winds, followed by searing heat and the mechanical challenges of pushing Hooch, their heavily-laden tandem, to the limit.


Caseworker Kat said: 'The first four months of this trip were so hard. We cycled throughgallons of rain and waves of gales.


'My feet felt like they were constantly soaked and at times I wanted to give up so much, so that I could enjoy a beer and good company with friends or the warmth of a fire or a Sunday roast at mum’s or a belly-aching laugh with my brother or a family knees-up in Plymouth.


'And dare I say it, even working in a dry office felt appealing at times.'


But completing Australasia represents less than a quarter of the monumental trip and the pair are now in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as part of the start of the marathon Asian leg of their journey, which will take them through Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and into China.


Once through China, they plan to go into Pakistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and into Turkey, when the European leg of the adventure will start. The couple hope to return to the UK in early 2014, having beaten the previous world record of 38,143kms set by Phil and Louise Shambrook 15 years ago.


Steve, 33, who taught at South Park Primary School in Ilford said: 'We have found the first months very hard and we haven't had the energy or the contacts to do very much other than cycle, which isn’t exactly a traditional way of enjoying a honeymoon!


'At first, we were also not sure whether we could do what we were planning to do but now that we have completed six months and the Australian Outback we feel much more confident that we can do this.


'If we do, it will be the most amazing achievement. The world record is just something we added in as a fun extra.


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