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Looking for a romantic summer date idea? Give one of these a try

Looking for a romantic summer date idea? Give one of these a try.
1. Outdoor movie - Drive-Ins are making a comeback. Seek out your nearest drive-in and pack the snacks.露天电影——汽车露天影院正在慢慢回归。去找找最近的露天影院,然后扫一堆零食过去边看边吃。
2. Pull up a blanket - No drive-in nearby or just not your thing? That’s ok. Many cities show outdoor films in the park. Don’t forget your blanket and refreshments. Or do it yourself – set up your lounge chairs in your backyard or on your deck, open a bottle of wine and watch a movie on your laptop.准备一张毯子——附近没有露天影院,或不是你的菜?没关系,那你可以找一些城市里面播放户外电影的公园。别忘了要带毯子和饮料。或者自己做一个户外影院:坐在后院的躺椅或阳台上,开一瓶红酒,把手提电脑放在膝上,然后看电影吧。
3. Take a wine tour - Either join an organized wine tour, where someone else will do the planning and take you from winery to winery to do your sipping or plan your own, grab another couple and a designated driver and let the tasting begin. 红酒之旅——参加一个红酒之旅旅行团,旅行社的人会给你做好安排,带你从一个酿酒厂到另一个酿酒厂,期间你们还可以畅饮葡萄酒。或者你们自己计划安排红酒之旅,另外抓上另一对情侣,找一个专门的司机,那么,红酒畅饮之旅就可以开始了。
4. Go on a dinner cruise - If you live near a body of water (ocean, lake or even some rivers) you can probably find a dinner cruise. Don’t be afraid to mix it up; try a breakfast, lunch, or evening cocktail cruise too. There’s just something so romantic about eating on the water while someone else is in charge of the driving.船上餐会——如果你家附近有大海、湖泊或是小河,那么,你就可以和你的伴侣来一个“船上约会”。不必担心状况会混乱,早餐、午餐甚至一个鸡尾酒小会都能在船上搞定。有专门的船夫掌舵,而你们就可以在水上享受美味和浪漫啦。
5. Live music is everywhere - Summer concerts are a great way to spend a date. Get tickets to a big-ticket concert in the grandstand; enjoy a local concert in the park, or find a local bar or tavern that offers live music.无处不在的现场音乐会——夏季音乐会是一个浪漫约会的好去处。你可以弄看台票去看大型音乐会,或是在公园里欣赏小型音乐会,亦或是在当地的酒吧欣赏乐队的表演。
6. Get out on the water - Rent a sailboat, rowboat, paddleboat, kayak, or canoe. Grab a pole and go fishing or don your swimsuit and jump in.水上约会活动——你可以租一艘帆船,皮划艇,划艇,皮艇,或独木舟。有了船,你可以划船和钓鱼,或是穿上泳衣潜水去。
7. Play tourist - See your town from a visitor’s perspective. Visit your local tourism office or chamber of commerce for information on events, festivals, and local sights you may never have thought of.游客角色扮演——以一个观光者的角度去看看自己所在的城市。你可以去当地的旅游公司和商会了解一些你从未想过的活动、节日和当地景点的信息。
8.Resurrect some old favorite summer activities - Play mini-golf. Go to the batting cage. Race go-karts. Fly kites.重温以前喜爱的夏天活动——打迷你高尔夫,玩笼球,开卡丁车,放风筝。
9.Visit the aquarium - Aquariums aren’t just for kids and field trips. They’re also a great date option. Wander through the tanks, taking in the underwater life, but watch out for the sharks!
10. Take a mystery trip - Buy or download a map of your region, close your eyes, and randomly choose spots on the map to visit. Plan a day trip or weekend getaway to one or several and explore.来一趟神秘之旅——购买或者下载一份地图,然后闭上眼睛,在地图上随意标记一个地方,之后就去这个地方旅行。为这个地方计划好一天旅行或周末之旅,那么探险开始了。
Grab that someone special, get out there, and enjoy the plentiful dating options that summertime has to offer!找一个特别的伴侣,然后走出去,享受夏天给你们带来的多种多样的约会吧。

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